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Web Monetization style guide

After a Starlight upgrade

cd <to project folder>
bun install
bun run start


Common nouns

  • account servicing entity
  • monetization <link> element
  • provider
  • receiver
  • payment pointer
  • wallet address

Proper nouns

  • Interledger, Interledger Protocol
  • Open Payments
  • Rafiki
  • Web Monetization



Use the US spelling of monetization, with a z rather than an s. Z is used in the URL and the spec. Plus we need to be consistent within the doc sets.

web monetize

If we follow standard US grammar rules, then web monetize and its other forms (e.g., web monetized) should probably be hyphenated.

In the past, I found that the term was used so frequently that the hyphens were visually distracting. I made a style decision to drop the hyphens. We can revisit this decision.