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Open Payments style guide

Before committing changes

Run the following command in the doc directory:

npx prettier . --write

Why tho? ಠ╭╮ಠ

After a Starlight upgrade

cd <to project folder>
pnpm install
cd docs
pnpm start


Common nouns

  • account servicing entity
  • payment pointer
  • wallet address

Proper nouns

  • Interledger, Interledger Protocol
  • Open Payments
  • Rafiki
  • Web Monetization


Open Payments

Spell as two words, not one (OpenPayments).

Prettier notes

Why do we have to run npx prettier . --write before we commit our changes?

  1. Because the Open Payments project demands it. We think it’s because of the way the API specs are integrated with the docs.
  2. It ensures all outputted code conforms to a consistent style. - prettier docs

For example, if you’re like Melissa and add italics in markdown using single asterisks:

I'm making *this part* italic.

Prettier automatically converts the asterisk set to underscores:

I'm making _this part_ italic.