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Global style guide

This guide covers styles that are shared between all doc sites using the Starlight framework.

Styles should apply to all sites whenever possible; however, there could be a need for site-specific styles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this guide, check in a site-specific guide.

Rule #1

Break the rules.

Ok, try not to, but the audience’s best interest should always come first. Deviations are OK if they help enhance the clarity of the doc.


  • Plural - APIs
  • Possessive - API’s


For buttons with labels/text strings, bold the text that appears in the button. If you’re instructing someone to click the button, don’t use the word on. For example:

  • Click Revoke public & private key. ✅
  • Click on Revoke public & private key. ❌

For buttons that are icons (e.g., arrows), describe what should be clicked and don’t use bold. Avoid using the word on unless it helps with clarity. For example:

  • Click the arrow to proceed. ✅
  • Click on the arrow to proceed. ❌


Headings, subheadings, and page titles

Use sentence case for headings, subheadings, and page titles unless a word/term is a proper noun or has a specific capitalization (e.g., “amountSent”, not “AmountSent” to represent a property).


Capitalize each letter in an initialism. For example, WM for Web Monetization.


Add a comma before the conjunction in a list of three or more items. This is known as an Oxford, or serial, comma.

Do this…Instead of this…
Web Monetization provides an open, native, and efficient way to compensate creators.Web Monetization provides an open, native and efficient way to compensate creators.

Content reuse

Consider using MDX transclusion, also called MDX partials, if you’re using the same content across multiple pages. Transclusion lets you embed MDX documents in other documents. We’ll refer to these embedded documents as partials.


Place MDX files to embed within the /src/partials folder. Create the folder if it doesn’t exist.

Partial files

Typically, partials should be used for small chunks of repeating content. If the partial file contains more than a paragraph, there may be a better way to present the information within the doc project.


  • Don’t include front matter in your partials file.
  • Headings within a partials file do not appear in a page’s table of contents.
  • Multiple partial files are supported within a single page.

Embed a partial file

First, import the partial file into the page:

import NoPay from "/src/partials/glitchNoPay.mdx";

Name the partial however you’d like, but without spaces. In the example above, the partial’s name is NoPay.

Then, add the partial where it belongs within the page’s content like so:

<NoPay />

Digital wallet vs account

The term digital wallet can be interpreted a number of ways and we want to be as unambiguous as possible. The term is also more appropriate for some of our sites (like Open Payments) than others (like Web Monetization). Be aware of the context in which you’re using the term. Think about whether using account or Open Payments-enabled account would be more accurate than using digital wallet.

Doc file extensions (MD/MDX)

Create new doc files in MDX unless there’s a need for something else.

Example URLs, including payment pointers

Use and in example URLs.



Headings and subheadings

Best practices

  • Keep headings short.
  • Avoid headings that ask questions when possible.
  • When using a gerund (verb + -ing) as the first word in a heading, consider whether a verb would be better. For example, Linking to a WM agent vs. Link to a WM agent.


Starlight automatically sets the first heading on a page to Overview, even if the markdown file has an H1 or H2 defined.


Alt text

Include alt text for images.


  • Capitalize each letter in an initialism.
  • Spell out the entire phrase on first use within a page, then include initialism in parentheses.
  • In long pages, periodically spell out the entire phrase and include the initialism in parentheses. Long is subjective, use your best judgment.
  • If you use an initialism for a term that also appears in the glossary, add the initialism to the glossary term.
  • Don’t use initialisms for a term that only appears a few times within a page. Few is subjective, use your best judgment.


  • Lists should typically contain a minimum of three items.
  • Use unordered lists (bullets) when item order is unimportant.
  • Use ordered (numbered) lists when order is important (e.g., item #1 must be completed before item #2).
  • Keep each list as parallel as possible. This list is not a good example.
    • E.g., all items start with a noun, or all start with a verb.
    • E.g., all items have ending punctuation, or none do.
    • E.g., all items start with a capital letter, or all start with lowercase
  • If a list is introduced by a full sentence, end the sentence with the proper punctuation. If introduced with a sentence fragment, end with a colon.

When possible, avoid using the words “see” and “view” when referencing a link. It’s a small thing, but some of our audience might use screen readers. The terms “visit”, “review”, and “refer to” might be acceptable substitutes.

Starlight does not allow a category, or book, within the sidebar to also be a page. For example, clicking Shared Component in this project’s sidebar expands/collapses the category without navigating you to a new page.

Since a category cannot be a page, ensure the category’s name and pages within the category are titled somewhat differently.

For example:

  • Intro to Web Monetization
  • References
    • Web Monetization API
    • Monetization events
      • MonetizationEvent


The Tooltip component allows you to add additional text to a word or phrase. The text appears when you hover your cursor over the question mark This is an example tooltip .

  • Tooltips should be short. Consider linking to a page or glossary term instead of using the Tooltip component if a tooltip becomes too long.
  • You can include links within tooltips.
  • Longer tooltips that appear at the top of the page might be cut off by the UI.